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Clink the link above/below to make your online cash gift to the PCA Foundation for benefit of the Filbert Presbyterian Church_York SC fund.

Below are two ways to access the livestream, as well as some troubleshooting tips for viewing it.




MOBILE APP: For Android and iPhone/iPad you can download "My Church by Sermon Audio".  There is currently no app for Apple TV, but it may work on other TV/streaming devices.  Once the app is downloaded and Filbert is selected upon the first use of the app, then subsequent uses of the app automatically go to the Filbert livestream.



Troubleshooting Tips if the video is stalling or quits:


1) Reduce the "traffic" on your internet server. Think of it like actual traffic - the more cars there are, the slower the flow of traffic. 

- If possible, use only one device to view the livestream.  For example, don't view it on your phone while viewing it on your computer at the same time.

- Close out other windows/apps that may be using internet at the same time.

- Multiple devices connected to the wifi will slow down the internet signal. 

- If you're using your computer, or TV app, try turning the wi-fi off on your phone while you're watching.


2) Turn on your computer an hour before viewing the livestream.  It may need to download updates when you turn it on, and that can take up time and slow down your internet speed.


3) Various "fixes" if the video is stalling:

- refresh or reload the page

- Change the video settings until it gets better.  The default is 1080.  A lower quality might come through better.

- If you're using your computer, try it on the phone instead, or vice versa.

- Try using a different web browser to see if that makes a difference - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

- Try using the app

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